Interested in Lutheran Homeschool Resources?

Then this is a place for you. This website exists to serve the Lutheran homeschool, Lutheran homeschoolers, and the church worldwide, particularly those who confess Luther’s Small Catechism and the teachings taught in Scripture and the Book of Concord, including the virgin birth, means of grace, bodily presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper, the bodily resurrection, etc.

The initial idea was to expand lists of free online Lutheran resources originally hosted on Mary Moerbe’s site, Meet, Write & Salutary. Then we went ahead and added a marketplace component to foster additional Lutheran homeschool development, whether the resources are free or for sale.

Here is a place to start if you are new to homeschooling. We really are happy to help however we can. Note, we are not an online school nor do we offer a complete curriculum at this time.

Also note that we are in the process of releasing, one unit at a time, a one-year high school course on American Literature. Thus far two of the seven units are available: The Scarlet Letter and Other Puritan Writings & Ben Franklin’s and Frederick Douglass’s Autobiographies).

Our goals are to:

  • Serve as a central location to learn about great Lutheran resources already available, and
  • Facilitate even more quality Lutheran educational resources! 

Learn more about what we do through our About and New Release Blog pages. Also, take time periodically to go through our resource pages. In particular, check out Free Lutheran Educational Resources and Gathered Recommendations, which are tailored as a resource for the Lutheran homeschool. 

Can You Help Others Lutheran Homeschool?

Let us know what we’re missing. Brainstorm. Send in ideas, recommendations, or even your own projects! Whether you sign up to be a vendor or just offer feedback, you can be a welcome addition to our Christ-confessing, means-of-grace grasping, community of Lutheran homeschoolers. Here’s our Vendor Application & Details or just drop me a message or email.

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