Lutheran homeschoolers, welcome! This site is for you! This site serves those who confess Luther’s Small Catechism and the teachings taught in Scripture and the Book of Concord (That includes the virgin birth, means of grace, bodily presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper, the bodily resurrection, etc.).

Please note that is not an online school or tutoring business. It is a central location so that Bible-believing Lutheran homeschoolers can recommend curriculum, share free resources, and buy and sell digital curriculum material on our marketplace. 

Here is a place to start if you are a new Lutheran homeschooler, and here is a link to our shop. From our shop page, you can see a list of pages and product categories down the right-hand column, as well as find products.

Learn more about what we do through our About page and feel free to follow our New Release Blog.

Lutheran Homeschoolers’ Resource Pages

We are in the process of reorganizing our Free Lutheran Educational Resources page (because much of that went into Free Compilation of Resources).

Other primary pages that may interest you:

  • Lutheran Recommendations: This includes Lutheran books on education, Lutheran curriculum, Lutheran online school options, topic resources by Lutherans, etc. This page is a large reason why exists.
  • Non-Lutheran Curriculum Options: If you are new to homeschooling and want to get acquainted with common Christian brands of curriculum, this is a place for you. This page includes entirely free options.
  • Free Non-Lutheran Resources: Here is where we’ve recently started compiling more supplemental links, although these too may transition into Free Compilation of Resources so the resources are more findable.

Other than that, our most popular category is “Free Compilation of Resources.” 

Want to Help?

Let us know what we’re missing. Brainstorm. Send in ideas and recommendations, or even your own projects! Whether you sign up to be a vendor, share a piece or two, or just offer feedback, you can be a welcome addition to our Christ-confessing, means-of-grace grasping, community of Lutheran homeschoolers. Here’s our Vendor-Application.pdf for more information about serving as a vendor and a contact form so you can get in touch with us.

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