Requested Lutheran Resources

Let’s dream big. Let’s list the resources and curriculum we’d love to find in hopes that someone will be motivated to fulfill them! 🙂 That way, others think through what they’ve already done and, voilĂ , requested Lutheran resources are one step closer to homeschools everywhere.

The way this page work is the top shows requests and the bottom shows things currently under development.

Many of these initial ideas have been gleaned from public Facebook posts. Since sometimes something exists that partially fulfills that request, we note it.

Be sure you also go back and look at our two resource pages in case things exist that you haven’t yet discovered. We offer a page for Free Lutheran Educational Resources and one of Gathered Recommendations.

Requested Lutheran Resources

Links to the following Non-Digital Items:

Lutheran diplomas! It sounds like Ad Crucem this on their development list!

Scope & Sequence lists

FOR BOOK LISTS: There are a lot of Lutheran books out there, but few resources that put them into a graded order. Even the confessions could be put together into an order for students to read easier texts, building up to more complex.

FOR INDIVIDUAL BOOKS: Something of a teacher’s guide set up with lesson plans, discussion questions, memory work, and application activities.

FOR TOPICS: Scope & sequence lists would be beneficial on many, many topics, from Reformation history to topical studies on the Holy Spirit or the Means of Grace.

SUGGESTED OVERVIEWS: Suggestions for K-12 scope and sequence incorporating basic Bible knowledge, catechism, memory work, Church history, traditions of Lutheran worship, Christian Life, etc.



German curriculum with translation texts from Lutherans

German supplements for studies of Lutheran hymn writers, documents, etc.


Greek curriculum introducing children to Koine with graded translation work.


Latin curriculum, from early instruction to readers, including ecclesiastical Latin and historic Lutheran texts for translation. (Note: There is a lovely Small Catechism in Latin with notes, put together by Rev. Dr. Edward Naumann.)

Latin supplement for Lutheran liturgy, Lutheran prayers, Holy Scripture (Do you know about Liber Hymnorum: The Latin Hymns of the Lutheran Church? Worth checking out!)

Although we do not have long Lutheran texts for translations, we have compiled a free list of Latin resources and  Vendor Mary J Moerbe has “Supplemental Religious Material for Latin Use,” which includes some familiar Lutheran texts in Latin (such as the Lord’s Prayer, Creed, and A Mighty Fortress, etc.), as well as phrases, and some vocabulary resources.

Music & the Arts

Hymn studies such as & including:

  • Latin hymns
  • LCMS hymns & history
  • Luther’s hymns

Religion & Church History

Unit studies!

  • The Trinity
  • Apologetics
  • Psalms
  • The Holy Spirit

Memorable outlines of books of the Bible

Devotions for the church year

Living books on church history

Old and New Testament K-8 books with emphasis on catechesis, memory work, Bible readings, incorporated writings from the Church Fathers, and church history (vs. psychologized “life application”)

More bios like Heroes of Faith

Consider a “Time of our Faith” series, teaching about important events in church history.

Consider a “Literature of the Faith” series for middle school and high school ages, with selections from Luther Chemnitz, and the Church Fathers

(Really, just a list of recommended reading that could include modern authors would be great. Let’s teach our kids about vocation, worship, etc!)

(A recommended list putting CPH books into a graded order, from younger to older.)

Bible commentaries intended for children, perhaps modeled on Bo Giertz’s Romans: A Devotional Commentary.

Lutheran perspectives for kids on non-Lutheran influential people, like John Calvin and John Wesley, who are praised in some of the Christian curriculum.

Church history for elementary years

More recent church histories to include synod-specific elements.

Lutheran supplements, like timeline cards, that can be added to the CC timeline.

Topical, age-graded resources on doctrinal issues like election/free will, confirmation/communion, closed vs open communion, women’s roles in the church, evolution/Creation, sexual ethics, marriage & family vocations (Consider Family Vocations!)

Composition & Language Arts

Composition programs

Literature guides to books including Pilgrim’s Progress, Pilgrim’s Regress, Mere Christianity, and either the Book of Concord or the books within the Book of Concord for middle grades and higher.


Creation-based science materials, in general

Creation-based science materials with apologetic perspectives, too.

Anatomy and sexual ethics

Requested Resources in Progress

A Lutheran vocabulary list!

A liturgical guide for kids

A high school apologetics course