Lutheran Homeschool is a place for Lutheran homeschoolers and Lutheran educators of any kind. It is a place to compile resources, share tips, and even sell what has worked in one family for the benefit of others. We hope that Lutheran Homeschool can be a resource, reassurance, and encouragement for you as you train up your children and your households in ways they ought to go.

Looking for community or conversation? Be sure to check out Facebook pages like LCMS Homeschoolers, Classical Lutheran Homeschoolers, WELS Homeschool Community, and ELS Homeschooling Group. Or, avoiding Facebook? That’s fine. Really, the best way to find fellow Lutheran homeschoolers is to ask pastors and members of local congregations.

There’s also a new Lutheran Homeschooling blog, Blest the Housethat’s well worth checking out.

A Tradition of Sharing

Lutheran homeschools are smaller than traditional schools. We’re still passionate about sharing what works! In fact, many among us are synodically trained to teach!

We may not have school offices, but we are part of a long church tradition of sharing. And we are happy to encourage you to share resources and recommendations here for other Lutheran homeschoolers. Have ideas instead? We have also started a page for requested materials. Looking to write and develop something for our church? This may be your chance!

LutheranHomeschool.com welcomes digital materials that can be downloaded from our site, links, book recommendations, curriculum commentary, notice about conferences, etc. We also want to hear what you think about whatever curriculum or program you’re using, especially when things benefit from just a bit of Lutheran tweaking! Just contact us through the form below with your thoughts or ask about becoming a vendor.

A Community Market

This website wouldn’t exist if not for the freebies. There are wonderful resources that Lutheran families should be aware of as they raise up their family, and they inspire this site. At the same time, homeschoolers continue to offer professional resources to their family and friends. Why not sell professional resources?

Our Lutheran Homeschool Marketplace & Press exists to enable solid Lutheran ideas to flourish and flex across generational lines. May it serve any and all Lutheran educators, including clergy and godparents.

Now, we won’t sell everything ourselves. The Lutheran Homeschool Marketplace & Press itself will ONLY SHARE OR SELL DOWNLOADABLE MATERIAL by Lutheran sellers who aren’t selling it elsewhere.

Other recommendations and resources sold elsewhere will simply be linked. When possible, we will link to Amazon, since Amazon Affiliate policies can help to fund and maintain this website.

We are in the earliest stages of this resource, so please be patient as learn together. If you would like to become a vendor for this site, be aware that vendors are encouraged to share resources free of charge in addition to selling, although specifics can be worked out with the webmaster.

Vendor Requirements

  • All vendors for the Lutheran Homeschool Marketplace & Press should be Lutherans in good standing within a Lutheran congregation. And, to be clear, that includes a belief in the virgin birth, the means of grace, Christ’s bodily presence in the Lord’s Supper, and a bodily resurrection of the dead.
  • Vendors should label all their pieces with appropriate copyright information on every page.
  • Vendors are also personally responsible for any additional copyright permissions they may need for images and quotations used.
  • And, although vendors set their own prices, please do so understanding that both PayPal and the webmaster of this site will take a portion. As we get this site up and running, the webmaster’s portion will fluctuate downward as we learn the ropes and come to a maintaining position.

More specifics are in a widget on the right.

Material Requirements

  • All material is subject to doctrinal review, although not all material will automatically undergo doctrinal review.
  • If there are theological questions or a lack of clarity in any materials, please contact the webmaster so we are made aware as soon as possible.

Have you developed material you’re interested in sharing or selling? Contact us through the form below.


Are you interested in requesting or developing resources for the good of the church and our children? Check out our Requested Resources Page and let us know.

Submit Material or Apply as a Vendor Below

Each product must be under the vendor’s copyright or submitted by the copyright holder. (Please be especially careful about images!)

Vendors should contact me with a store name, username, email, and full name. Vendors may include a profile image and banner.

Each product submitted can have a short description and a long one, as well as categories and tag words. Include what you think is appropriate. Help writing and organizing them is available upon request. You may also include a picture of the product.