Lutheran Book Lists

If you are interested in Lutheran book lists, then this is the page for you. There is even a spot listing Lutheran book review websites.

The most requested so far is this list: Religious Reading Recommendations for Students by Age.

The Bible: Lutheran Editions

Perhaps culminating with . . . 😀

Book Review Sites by Lutherans

Book reviews aren’t always the primary purpose of the sites, although sometimes they are. Both academic and less academic sites will be listed.

Education Books by Lutherans

Classical Specific


General Lutheran Education

A Christian Pedagogy by Edward Koehler


Historical: Luther

Luther on Education: article

Homeschool Specific

Lutheran Curriculum Guides

Special Ed.

Mission Books

Some of these may have non-Lutheran authors, but these first five books were recommended by LCEF Interest Time, Issue 114, p. 24.

Non-Fiction By Age

All Ages (Youngest to Oldest)

ABC-Themed Books

(One popular non-Lutheran, religious ABC book is Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow. It isn’t Lutheran. It isn’t perfect, but it has been very helpful in introducing topics and, perhaps more importantly, cultivating serious religious conversations with little ones.)

Pre-Reading List

Phonic-Skills Reading List

Elementary Lists


Middle School/ Junior High Lists

Higher Lists