Free Non-Lutheran Resources

I’ll be honest. I don’t see how we can keep this up-to-date or include everything. Still, why not include some neat, helpful free non-Lutheran resources? Together we can keep this vetted. Maybe? Hopefully?

Anything with an obvious cultural slant against Christianity will be excluded, although, certainly Khan Academy, etc., can probably be used to great effect with supervision. Likewise DuoLingo, which includes “her wife” and “his husband” in various languages.

Unvettable lists & resources that still might interest you:

Overarching Educational Tools (which is not Common Core) is a knowledge-based schooling resource known for books like What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know. There’s a whole series like that, which are not free, and there are a lot of free resources on that website, too.  It’s secular, but it’s knowledge-based approach makes it very useful.

Adult Resources

Funny Stuff

Lutheran Satire

Bardcore: medieval inspired remakes of hot pop and rock songs

Free Homeschooling Articles

Free Training Videos for Adults

Free Video Series

These are not entirely vetted, but many of the topical and “how to” videos seem to be pretty safe.

Free Website-Stuff (Games, Tips, etc.)

Free Suggestions/Recommendations

By Age

Preschool & Early Grades



  • ABC Mouse: So far so good. Let us know if you come across anything worth warning about.
  • Starfall: So far so good. Let us know if you come across anything worth warning about.

By Grade

By Subject




Bitsbox is also recommended, although that isn’t free. It sounds like Scratch has gone downhill.

Here is a list, A Beginner’s Guide to Coding and Programming, with some handy links.

Crafts/Design Projects

Finance & Economics

Fine Arts


Music Appreciation
Music Performances to find on Youtube
  • Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens
  • Fur Elise on Two Pianos
  • Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev
  • Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky
  • The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky
Music Theory
  • Free website (though you can purchase apps to support the site) for grades 1–12.
  • G Major Music Theory: This is a mix of free and subscription resources, but freebies include some free music for piano and guitar, 19 downloadable workbooks, 31 sets of clash cards, contextual listening, harmonic dictation, and music humor.






Podcast recommendations:

  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • BrainsOn
  • Revolutions by Mike Duncan (though geared more toward adults)
  • The History Guy
  • Based on a True Story podcast

Drive Thru History videos

Languages Arts


Some of these may be more geared toward college or adults, but you can pick and choose what is helpful.

Languages Arts (General)




Bilingual Bible Resources:



  • DuoLingo (though it has references to same sex stuff)
  • Learn German with Herr Antrim
  • Sing Mit Mir Kinderlieder on YouTube
  • Kinderlieder and Liederkiste on YouTube. You can also find episodes from Unser Sandmännchen on YouTube.
  • Easy German on Youtube is geared more toward adults, but some of it is fine for kids.
  • Sometimes libraries will have access to Kanopy Kids, Mango
  • ANTON Montessori learning app has German


Note: The Lutheran organization CCLE (Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education) offers a course on Greek each year on three levels: Greek I, Greek II, and Greek Readings. Also, Dr. James Voelz (long time Greek professor at Concordia, St. Louis) has his lections online if you’re looking to learn Koine! Here as an Apple podcast.



Native American

  • Talk Sauk: The traditional language of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma



Museums/ Online Exhibits





  • Spelling City
  • Reading Eggs has free math resources for homeschooling here for grades K-6th.



Career Exploration