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Five New Resources!

I get to announce FIVE new resources on!!! Three freebie and two available for purchase!

The freebies

In “The Psalter and the Lord’s Prayer,” Dr. John Pless pairs psalms with each petition of the Lord’s Prayer. AWESOME!

Psalter and the Lord’s Prayer

Next, Jennifer Whalen, aka “The Faithful Homeschool,” has put together a Scope & Sequence for the Bible! Yep. You read that correction: a K-12 scope and sequence incorporating basic Bible knowledge, catechism, memory work, Church history, etc.! And she is offering it free of charge!

Scope & Sequence: Bible

Last but not least of these freebies, RevAndMrsGrandy has another craft project: Jonah’s Great Fish! To commemorate Jonah (Sept. 22), you can make a giant (10 x 20 foot) fish made of black plastic sheeting that children can actually go inside! Woah!!!

Jonah’s Great Fish

Downloadable Lutheran Copybooks!

I am also super excited to announce that Jennifer Whalen has also put together, for only $5 each, Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1, available in print and cursive. Excellent!

Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – print

Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – cursive

Volume 1 of the Lutheran Children’s Reader & Copybook series includes the following:

  • Psalm 23
  • The Ten Commandments (with Lutheran numbering)
  • God is the Maker of the World – a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am especially thrilled that these are pdfs that can be downloaded and printed to my heart’s content! Yay!!!

And, yes, you can download a sample before purchase. Woo hoo!


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More St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Resources

Rev. and Mrs. Gandy have added three more free Lutheran homeschool resources:

St. Michael Prayer (Lutheran Version) by PleasantlyCrafted

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Lesson Plans (Advent to Ash Wednesday)

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Schedule (Advent to Ash Wednesday)

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Three compiled resources

I had a pretty productive day today and started three compiled resources:

Compiled Bible Reading Plans

Compiled List of Daily Luther

Life Skills, Home Economics & Finance List

I would like to remind you that, when you purchase something, even a freebie, your downloads continue to be accessible to you whenever you sign into your account. No need to rebuy something, when there’s an update. I sure think your files should automatically update. Maybe not, but I think so. 🙂

A blessed Sunday and Labor Day weekend to you!



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Two New Things

I’ve just added a little something of a free handwriting review, since my kids seemed to need it after this summer. 🙂 Also . . .

Brief Handwriting Review


Daily Bible Readings for Three Years

Makes me think maybe I should make a compiled resource for Bible reading plans, though many of us follow curriculum or a plan already.

Let me know if there is more you’d like to see available on!

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Three new freebies

I have never met Mrs. Gandy (only exchanged emails & texts), but I am already very impressed with how productive she is and how much she prepares to raise her children in the faith! She has prepared three new freebies:

As you can guess, in reverse order, there is a template you print with one of Augustine’s prayers. Then you can color, if you’d like, and fold it in three around a candle (loosely around the candle, obviously!). 🙂 The Ten Commandments are arranged classically, with two tables, Roman numerals, and with traditional Lutheran numbering. Then the Roman Wax Tabula is a craft to commemorate St. Zechariah on September 5th. Yep! That means writing, “His name is John.” I love it!

Mrs. Gandy’s commemoration resources are great, so feel free to see them all at her store page. Let’s see . . . 15 resources thus far and all of them free & typically revolving around the church year!

By the way, I got some great feedback this past week, including more Lutheran resources to point people to and a request for more compiled resources! Yay! So please accept this as a friendly reminder that relies heavily on Lutherans at large to know what is out there and what needs to be developed.

Thank you!