Lutheran Recommendations

This page exists to address books and curriculum choices already available. Some are Lutheran curriculum and recommendations mainly go toward Lutheran books by Lutheran authors. At the same time, we would love to be able to recommend tweaking guides, so that we can better Lutheranize some of the really good curriculum options out there. (See non-Lutheran options here.)

Our recommendations are only human and obviously specific to our homes and experiences, but they’ll give you ideas so you yourself can give your children a Lutheran curriculum experience.

If you have additional recommendations or comments to add, please let us know using the form at the bottom of the page.

General Introduction

First, we strongly encourage parents to teach the faith explicitly to their children. By all means, teach your children to ask their pastor, but ultimately parents are the ones placed by God in the fullest of full time roles, for the good of their souls and for their vocational development. Even the best Lutheran curriculum cannot replace an environment of faith.

Sometimes we have to do the best we can with our own words and examples. Thankfully often we can use great books to help us (Small Catechism, anyone?)!

Below, in the first portion of this page, is an ongoing project to compile great Lutheran resources, including anything that gets us closer to a Lutheran curriculum in the home. Ideally so we can let the biblical truths highlighted in Lutheranism shine in our study and play, our home and away.

Lutheran Books

Educational Books & Resources by Lutherans

A Christian Pedagogy by Edward Koehler

CPH also continues to publish collections of essays, so do visit to periodically check those out, too!

Parenting Books & Articles by Lutherans

There was enough it got it’s own page!

Homeschooling Books by Lutherans

In 2015, LCMS School Ministry published the following book to promote and encourage LCMS Homeschooling families. Are there more to add?

Vocation Books

Both for ourselves and our kids!

Lutheran Curriculum

By the way, places that sell second-hand curricula include Amazon, many Facebook forums, and

Wittenberg Academy

You simply need to know that there is a group of Lutherans who have pieced together an entirely free Lutheran option for a classical elementary/ grammar school education. Go here to see topic lists for grades Kindergarten through Sixth. Piecing together largely public domain resources, they’ve put together a full Lutheran curriculum!

Plus, Wittenberg Academy offers professional online classes for Junior High and High School enrollment. Lectures are pre-recorded/ asynchronous (“not live”), discussions held in online forums, and the students meet with their teacher “live” one hour per week.

All the teachers are Lutherans, and there is a beautifully explicit Lutheran character with an emphasis on catechesis and vocation. This option has already come a long way since it began back in 2014, and we are thankful to God that people are putting together explicitly Lutheran curriculum!

(For more online Lutheran school options, see “Online Lutheran Schools” below.)

Concordia Publishing House

If you haven’t browsed the CPH website in a while, you might be amazed at how much curricula they’ve developed and sold through the years. Admittedly, it is geared for Lutheran schools rather than Lutheran homeschools.

There is a specific Homeschool drop-down option on their website, so we can more easily search for materials either by topic or grade level.

They also offer several free teaching guides, some created specifically for homeschoolers:

  1. A Teaching Guide to Hallmarks of Lutheran Identity
  2. A Homeschoolers’ Guide to Celebrating the Saints

And, although not necessarily at a child’s level, CPH offers online FaithCourses, based on several of their new releases.

Especially given how many Lutherans are trained in education, it is no surprise that many Lutheran homeschoolers are developing and sharing their own materials, right here.

Online Lutheran Coursework (Also see Online Lutheran Schools)

Online courses available for older children and adults

Online Lutheran Schools

Lutheran Educational Consultant/ Advisor

Lutheran Schools with Dual Enrollment (High School/College)

Non-Lutheran Curriculum or Schooling Options

The link provides some simple information about additional options. Hopefully, it will also become a place where people send in commentary and review so that these it is increasingly easy to choose and tweak curriculum so that Lutheranism can shine through it.

Lutheran Organizations

Lutheran Organizations For Families

Lutheran Organizations with Pertinent Resources

Shops by Lutherans (Arsy/ Etsy)

(To see a more detailed list of Lutheran crafters and specialty businesses and shops, visit Mary Moerbe’s site here.)

Topical Resources by Lutherans

The Arts


Bible (Younger)

Bible (Older)


Memory Work/Terms

Reading Plans

    • 5 Free Bible Reading Plans: One Year, Two Year, Chronological, Bible Narratives, and Daily Lectionary
    • This Passion Book, developed by Rev. Andrew Richard, combines woodcuttings and various artwork with the Passion readings traditionally read throughout Holy Week for home and devotional use.
    • Book of Concord Reading Plans, including summer and yearly


Devotions & Prayer

Also see Catechetical Reading



Lutheran papers and presentations are also available on


Fiction Chapter Books for kids by Lutherans!

Easy Chapter Books
Chapter Books

Non-fiction for Kids by Lutheran Authors


Religious Reading Recommendations for Students by Age

Religious Supplements for School Topics (Help me grow this list!)







(If you’re intimidated by the idea labwork at home, at least there is a place that sells complete lab kits, which correspond with several prominent Christian homeschool curriculum programs: Home Science Tools. We have no affiliate relationship, but we were relieved when we discovered them online.)

Teacher Courses

CCLE offers adult classes for Latin and Greek

Please, recommend more! 😀 Contact form is on the right.