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Escape rooms are a neat new trend, and with the directions and codes in this new package, you can create your own Bible Escape Room in your house, at church, or anywhere you’d like!

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Escape rooms are a neat new trend, and with the directions and projects in this package, you can create your own Bible Escape Room in your house, at church, or anywhere you’d like!

Included in this purchase is a 24-page PDF with directions, prop list (things like a combination lock, a jigsaw puzzle, dry erase markers, etc., nothing pricey), additional ideas, and the puzzles with their answers. Here are the themes of the puzzles:

  • Bible Characters
  • Bible Maps
  • Bible Math (Including a variation of Yahtzee!)
  • A Greek/ Calendar Exercise
  • Opt: Distraction

What is an “Escape Room”?

An “Escape Room” is a popular activity focused around solving a puzzle or a code in order to be “released” from a room. Since you don’t want the liability of trapping people in a room or the fear created by claustrophobia, no one will actually be locked in your “escape room.” Rather, after solving 4 interrelated puzzles, participants “win” and can leave the room for treats or alternatively, open a box with prizes, if you would rather frame the activity as a “treasure hunt.”

What is the purpose?

An “Escape Room” is an excellent team-building, promoting communication and shared purpose. This particular “escape room” focuses on knowing and learning God’s Word, helping participants delve into the Bible. In addition, this “escape room” encourages and inspires participants to continue to learn God’s Word on their own.

Who would enjoy this “Escape Room”?

This “escape room” is great for ages 7 and up, once children are able to read and have basic math skills. Ideal for middle-school and high-school students, elementary-school students could also enjoy this activity with adult support, supplying them with clues, as needed. Singles groups or senior groups may also enjoy it. Try this activity with youth group, at a party, during summer camp, at a homeschool co-op, or during group childcare. The possibilities are endless!

How complicated is preparation?

Preparation for this “escape room” takes commitment from a leader or group of adults. Between 2-4 hours are needed to read about, shop for, and prepare the props and materials. About 30 minutes are needed to set up the props immediately prior to the activity. 60 minutes are needed for completion of the puzzle. Up to $20 may be needed to purchase supplies. While a significant time commitment is involved to prepare for the “escape room,” participants will enjoy the experience and make life-long memories. All of the steps for preparation are clearly laid out in this guide.

What is the Overarching Mission?

Within 60 minutes (or 90, if you think participants will need extra time), participants will discover and work through 4 puzzles, each of which has a single digit as the final answer. These four numbers are used to open a combination lock, which would be wrapped around a door-knob. Ideally, little leader interaction is needed, but a leader with the answer key is available to help, as necessary.


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