Lutheran Recitation – 7 Levels


This is a seven level recitation program to help incorporate Lutheran emphases and terminology, as well as biblical facts, into your student’s day.

Accessible for various ages and easily used in group settings.

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Recitation is an opportunity to learn things outside of a topical class. In its briefest form, you ask a question and the student learns a succinct answer. You gradually add questions until you can ask any number of questions with your student answering each with confidence. Why not include Lutheran recitation to your homeschooling week?

In younger years, sometimes brains have trouble recalling the information. This is not a big deal. Instead, this is an opportunity to teach both facts and what you most want your child to learn. That is why I put together a Lutheran recitation guide. By all means, recite vowels, days, months, etc., but why skip over “Who do we worship?” and foundational questions of faith?

Students love to know the right answer. Teach them what you want to hear. Recitation is all about giving your student helpful, memorable answers, while allowing a structured routine that builds confidence.

Content Includes

Material from Scripture, the liturgy, and the Book of Concord

  • The Doxology
  • Who do we worship? The Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Who wrote the Bible? “Men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21).
  • What are two primary messages of the Bible: Law and Gospel
  • How do we receive faith in Jesus? By hearing God’s Word.
  • What does Thee, Thy, and Thine mean? You and yours
  • How is thee, thy, and thine different than you and yours? Thee is a traditional way to talk to someone we are very familiar and close with.
  • Days of Creation
  • Flood facts
  • Books and structure of the Bible
  • Definitions including
    • What does incarnation mean? Into flesh.
    • What does disciple mean? Student
    • What does discipline include? Learning and training
  • Confession
  • Biblical places, including rivers and mountains
  • The Plagues
  • The Disciples
  • Books of the Bible
  • Basic biblical time frames
  • Liturgical terms
  • Listing the Ten Confessions of the Book of Concord
  • Listing the Chief Parts of the Catechisms
  • Listing the Chief articles of faith in the Augsburg Confession

How do recitation programs work?

Simply ask the question. The first time, see how they answer in their own words. Maybe a good discussion can follow. Still, don’t let them flounder. Smile and tell them the answer. Repeat the question and answer with the prescribed wording. Give them the answer and be thankful the answer has been revealed to you both, so that recitation time can be grounding for both teacher and student.

Every other day or so, go down the list of current questions. Keep it brief. Aim for consistent answers, but accept what is correct.

When the cumulative list gets long, narrow your review to what needs additional focus. While recitation can become practice for public speaking, it needn’t be a chore or burden.

Prefer to ask a different question or give a different answer? Just cross it out and write your own. Please do aim for consistent language.


Compiled by Deac. Mary J Moerbe

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