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What if your family could review Bible names, events, and concepts in a low-stress, no-mess game? That’s the aim of this Name Game Bible Review.

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What if your family could review Bible names, events, and religious concepts in a low-stress, no-mess game? That’s the aim of this Name Game Bible Review.

One of my children’s Sunday school teachers came up with the idea: have a sheet of paper with Bible names on it, pass it around the table, and let children pick one. They use hints and gestures so that the others guess the name. It is low stress because the kids can take turns and pick their own, but progressive because it gets a little harder every time the page goes around the table.

I liked the teacher’s idea so much that I expanded it. The Name Game Bible Review is now typed up to extend Bible literacy.

These sheets cover 42 biblical events, 63 characters, plus the 12 Tribes of Israel, the Judges, the kings of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, and the names of the apostles. There are also 21 biblical places, 21 parables, 21 concepts (like mercy & justice), 21 Lutheran doctrines or understandings (like justification, sanctification, vocation, etc.), 21 Reformation figures, and 21 hymns. Yep, also 21 empty spots so you add anything you think I missed.

I think it’s best to print out the 20-page PDF and keep the pages in a folder until your kids are quite familiar with a full sheet (or more). After that, you can cut out the squares and use them for a) flash card review, b) alphabetizing, or even c) putting events and people into chronological order!

(If (or when) you do cut them up, I encourage you to keep categories separately in snack baggies inside a larger bag.)

I have not included hints. It would be impossible to include all the hints. Plus, you can feel free to pick a character or two and look them up before or after you play. After a round, your kids can even ask about whichever seems hardest.

I have included a chronology, though! Admittedly, some people are con-current so not everything has an exact order.

Is this a fancy, eye catching game? Nope, but it’s straight-forward, simple, and infinitely tailor-able for your family. 🙂



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