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Speech and Debate Curriculum

Ladies and Gentlemen, I pray this email finds you well. 🙂 Today I’m happy to inform you that there is now a complete speech and debate curriculum available through

The curriculum consists of five color PDFs, including

  1. An Introduction with Lesson Plans,
  2. Handouts including a vocabulary quiz and glossary,
  3. Pages for a Speech Class Student Notebook,
  4. Pages for a Debate Class Student Notebook, and
  5. A Debate Flow Chart.

There are 14 lessons total: 7 for speech and 7 for debate, written for grades fifth through eighth.

The complete set is available for $30. No additional texts are required. Just print, organize into folders or binders, and off you go. 🙂 And, when it’s time to listen to speeches, follow the links and you’re all set.

This curriculum is thanks to Into Your Hands, LLC, one of our most prolific contributors so far, so please do consider following their link to see what other resources they offer—they have some very nice geography stuff, I can tell you from personal experience.

More is in the works, and I’ll be sure to let you know as each project becomes a product.

Blessings on your Sunday, your week, and your time ahead!


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