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Book of Concord Reading Plan

Yay! I’ve finally gotten my Book of Concord Reading Plan up! I’m selling it for $5.

I’m still working on a collection of Scripture reading plans.

If you’re curious,ย Solus Christusย is receiving an update and should be available again in mid-July. If you have already purchased it, I think you will gain access to the new documents at that time through your account.

Anything else you’d like us working on for your Lutheran homeschooling needs? ๐Ÿ™‚

Book of Concord Reading Plan

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The Psalms for your Teen?

I’ve been working my way through Engaging the Psalms, and I’ve been very pleased with the book. I think it will be a great book for junior high or high school students, incorporating private Bible study & prayer into their homeschooling schedule. So I made lesson plans and I’m selling them for $2. Next, I hope to find books for reading plans for some of the Gospels and Epistles! ๐Ÿ™‚

Engaging the Psalms Lesson Plans

I’ve also recently expanded the Language Resource list, so you may want to revisit that page.


As always, let us know if you are looking for a resource or have a resource or recommendation to share!

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Seasonal Releases

We are approaching Lent & the days of curriculum sales! Happily, we have some new releases to help you with those.

Rev. and Mrs. Gandy continue to assist liturgical living by the Church Year with a Gesimatide & Lent poster, plus the next installments for their St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Schedule (Lent & Eastertide) and Lesson Plans (Lent & Eastertide). Yay!

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded some Homeschool Planning Notes. Really, they’re templates and worksheets you can use to keep track of things, including curriculum sales, curriculum you have, curriculum you plan to use, and school supplies. I’ve also revisited my Lent & Lenten Resource compilation. ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, feedback and ideas are welcome!

Gesimatide & Lent Poster

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Schedule (Lent & Eastertide)

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Lesson Plans (Lent & Eastertide)

Homeschool Planning Notes

Lent & Lenten Resources

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I know it’s February, but now has two free caroling options. Into Your Hands is offering a 12-page PDF, “The Lutheran Tradition: Ancientย  and Lutheran Carols from the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary.”ย That excellent idea reminded me of a pastor who put together three similar caroling books, one each for the seasons of Christmas, Easter, and Trinity!

Don’t you love the idea of families and choirs singing at nursing homes & retirement centers more frequently than once a year? I do!

Also, let this be a friendly reminder that the two best times to add new things to LH is just before or just after you’ve used it! Otherwise we forget.

The Lutheran Tradition: Ancient and Lutheran Christmas Carols from the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary

Caroling Book & Books

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3 New & 3 Updated

Today I’m happy to announce three new resources on and three updated resources. All of which are free! RevandMrsGandy have added an Annunciation Coloring Page, a St. Patrick’s Breastplate Coloring Page (by, and a St. Blaise Coloring Page. Meanwhile, I’ve updated my compiled resource for Languages, compiled Latin resources, and grammar review reference guide. ๐Ÿ™‚

Annunciation Coloring Page

St. Patrick’s Breastplate Coloring Page by PleasantlyCrafted

St. Blaise Coloring Page


Compiled Latin Resources

Grammar Review Reference

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Bible History Worksheets

Rev. Dr. Christian Preus (LCMS) has prepared 61 simple Bible history worksheets to accompany Concordia’s Bible History Student Book,ย available from Concordia Publishing House. These pages are available as a PDF free of charge here and through Steadfast Lutherans (Steadfast Press) here.

Bible History Worksheets

You can also get them printed here for $3.75, the cost of printing.

Go here to look inside the recommended text, and go here to view the first worksheet.

Suitable for up to eighth grade, but also certainly those younger.

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Two New Freebies

Merry Christmas Eve & Blessed Holy Days!!!

This is just a quick note to say that Rev. and Mrs. Gandy have added two new freebies to 1) Monograms for the Holy Name of Jesus (in time for the Circumcision & Name of Jesus on January 1st) and (sorry, I noticed this one too late) 2) a printable silhouette and directions for a St. Lucy Bride Window Panel (for the Feast of St. Lucia on December 13th).

I’m so thankful for how much has grown in its offerings, especially in terms of liturgical living! Wishing you every blessing in Christ!

Monograms for the Holy Name of Jesus

St. Lucy Bride Window Panel