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Research Project Packet

There are two new (related) products on Lutheran Vendor Humble Heather’s Pretty Good Stuff has put together a Research Project Packet for $5 and a Report Worksheet for King Tutankhamun, also for $5.

The Research Project Packet introduces research skills with a customizable research packet. As Heather puts it:

This customizable packet will help your student learn the skill of research and presentation.  Simply edit the word document to add in your selected topic and requirements.  This packet will assist your student in collecting, evaluating, and honing information to compile in an essay and visual presentation.

This editable document is designed to allow your student to type in the tables, or print a hard copy, and enlarge the tables to allow room for writing.

This resource is designed to help students new to research projects.

The Report Worksheet for King Tutankhamun, then, is a comprehensive packet to guide your student through creating a research report and presentation on the famous Egyptian king.

This is an introductory level research report with the subject of King Tut.  Suitable for students in grades 5-8, this report template helps to guide them through the research process of gathering, evaluating, and honing their data.  Then compiling it into an essay, then to a PowerPoint presentation.  Complete with guidelines to support them along the way, this packet will allow your student to explore the mysteries of King Tut while learning important research and presentations skills.

Provided as an editable Microsoft word document, allows the student to type the information, or for you to personalize the project to meet your child’s needs.

Also available in Google doc format upon request.

So both are aimed at Middle School/Junior High levels. Either research the topic of your choice with the first, or let your student learn about Egypt and research with the second.

Thanks, Heather!

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