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The Power of Yet

A few years ago I heard the trick that you can add “yet” to the end of otherwise discouraging thoughts & “yet” helps you to regain that courage. “I can’t do it . . . yet” can be a mental breakthrough for any age! Anyway, it’s come to my attention that there is now a Lutheran education consultant, whose company is The Power of Yet Consulting.

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What Can We Do?

Ladies & Gentlemen, we’re a small operation here at Maybe if we were on top of things, we could have compiled a list of the free resources we’re seeing on Facebook. But now that we’re coming to grips with wide spread quarantine, let us know if there is something specific you need.

Do you want to see lists of quarantine freebies from all over? Something to help talk with kids about pandemics or fear?

If we don’t hear back from you, we’ll continue to plug away at the projects we hope to release this summer in anticipation of next year.

Our prayers are broad these days—and I’m certain they include you!

May the peace of Christ be yours now and always. Amen.