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2021-2022 Pastoral Planner for Everbook

I’ll admit that our latest product isn’t actually geared toward homeschoolers. The 2021-2022 Pastoral Planner for Everbook is aimed at pastors, but it’s such a niche item we thought we could include it. 🙂

A print version (available here through Lulu) would likely make a better gift, but I’m excited by the potential of digital resources like this one, too. You can find more information about both formats here on

2021-2022 Pastoral Planner for Everbook

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Nativity & Hymn Coloring Calendar

Pure Joy Creative has done it again! She’s put together a Nativity & Hymn Coloring Calendar for Advent!

This $10 product consists of 4 Page Nativity Coloring Calendar Cards and one 5 page document of hymn verses that correspond with a different part of the nativity for each day of Advent, starting on November 28th and ending on Dec 24th.

Nativity and Hymn Advent Coloring Calendar

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Newest Products

Our vendors Lemon Creek Press and Pure Joy Creative have added six of our newest products!

Lemon Creek Press now offers a 2021-2022 Illuminated Liturgical Calendar for only $4.99! It names and aligns Sundays, feast days and festivals, months, and seasons, although you will need a color printer and to choose between two sizes. Either print on 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 to construct a finished calendar with dimensions ranging from 10×10.5 to 19.625 x 18.5.

Illuminated Liturgical Calendar

Pure Joy Creative is likewise getting ready for the new church year with an “Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving” Coloring Page for $2, weekly “Advent Candle Coloring Pages” for $10, daily in December “Names of Jesus: 24 Advent Coloring Calendar Cards” for $10, “Christmas Hymn Bookmarks” for $5, and another $2 coloring page quoting Luther on the noble art of music.


Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving – Psalm 100:4 Coloring Page

Advent Candle Coloring Pages

Names of Jesus 24 Advent Coloring Calendar Cards

Christmas Hymn Bookmarks Printable

Noble art of music – Martin Luther Quote Coloring Page

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15 New Resources!!!

I must have fallen asleep on the job because this morning I looked and say 15 new resources on!!!

Welcome to our newest vendor, Pure Joy Creative! You may know Jamie’s work from The Enduring Word Bible, Trinity for Tots, her website, and her Etsy store. She is now selling, through

Meanwhile, RevandMrs Gandy have added:

Other than that, I found a great Reformation Day activity and started compiling a free resource for listening to Lutheran Music for pleasure. 🙂

As always, let us know if there’s something you’re wanting to find!


Books I’ve read, printable book tracker

Books of the Bible, Printable Coloring Tracker

Genesis 1:1 Printable Coloring Page

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God – Psalm 19 Coloring Page

He numbers the stars – Psalm 147 coloring page

Zephaniah 3:17 Coloring Page – PDF Printable

Pastor Appreciation Coloring Page

St. Francis of Assisi Flyer

St. Luke the Evangelist Flyer

Sanctoral Calendar of Wilhelm Loehe’s Martyrologium

Gesimatide & Lent Poster

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Five New Resources!

I get to announce FIVE new resources on!!! Three freebie and two available for purchase!

The freebies

In “The Psalter and the Lord’s Prayer,” Dr. John Pless pairs psalms with each petition of the Lord’s Prayer. AWESOME!

Psalter and the Lord’s Prayer

Next, Jennifer Whalen, aka “The Faithful Homeschool,” has put together a Scope & Sequence for the Bible! Yep. You read that correction: a K-12 scope and sequence incorporating basic Bible knowledge, catechism, memory work, Church history, etc.! And she is offering it free of charge!

Scope & Sequence: Bible

Last but not least of these freebies, RevAndMrsGrandy has another craft project: Jonah’s Great Fish! To commemorate Jonah (Sept. 22), you can make a giant (10 x 20 foot) fish made of black plastic sheeting that children can actually go inside! Woah!!!

Jonah’s Great Fish

Downloadable Lutheran Copybooks!

I am also super excited to announce that Jennifer Whalen has also put together, for only $5 each, Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1, available in print and cursive. Excellent!

Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – print

Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – cursive

Volume 1 of the Lutheran Children’s Reader & Copybook series includes the following:

  • Psalm 23
  • The Ten Commandments (with Lutheran numbering)
  • God is the Maker of the World – a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am especially thrilled that these are pdfs that can be downloaded and printed to my heart’s content! Yay!!!

And, yes, you can download a sample before purchase. Woo hoo!


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Hymns for the Church Year

Our latest resource on is “Hymns for the Church Year.”  Using the Lutheran Service BookI selected three (or four) hymns per week of the church year to correspond with each week’s lectionary readings. That way, if you want to have a “hymn of the week” at home, you can have one organized around congregational practices through this easy, thorough, approach.

After three years, you and your family can know 156 hymns! You can start any time.

I followed the one-year Historic Lectionary readings & Sunday numbering, but this should work for the three-year also. The two big differences to be aware of are 1) different times to celebrate Transfiguration, and 2) the one-year lists Sundays after Trinity while the three-year lists Sundays after Pentecost. My columns didn’t allow listing both, but you can mark in a few for ease of practice.

I am charging $5 for it. I put a lot of work into it so there are no duplications! 

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HS American Lit & Teachers/Tutors

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that now sells an entire year of high school American Literature, called Examining Worldviews in American LiteratureWe are thrilled to be offering such a complete course and, over this summer, we are still working on more! 🙂

We have also started a page to list Lutheran Teachers & Tutors for 2021-2022 who offer services catering to Lutheran homeschoolers. So far we only have a handful of names, so please let us know if you have suggestions to add. Then we follow it with Lutheran schools that offer a la carte classes.

Most of the other projects we are working on involve religion class, but please do let me know if you have other requests.