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Pre-Rhetoric and Progymnasmata

Lutheran author Marie MacPherson, of Into Your Hands, LLC., is now selling a classical Lutheran writing curriculum! Pre-Rhetoric and Progymnasmata: A Curriculum Exploring Ancient Greek and Roman Oratory Rhetorical Devices and Writing is now available for purchase ($20) and consists of 12 lessons, which are intended to be taught one every 2-3 weeks for an entire school year. Family-friendly for grade schoolers, middle schoolers, and high schoolers!

Thank you, Mrs. MacPherson, for all you have put together for Lutheran homeschoolers! I encourage all of you to check out her store: it’s a treasure.

Pre-Rhetoric and Progymnasmata

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A Free New Testament Greek Curriculum!

Ladies & Gentlemen, with great joy in my heart, I get to tell you about a free New Testament Greek Curriculum! Rev. Andrew Richard has put together everything, everything, you need to teach and delight in New Testament Greek! I am so excited about it! Lutheran-made resources paired with a handy free textbook and everything is entirely free! Woo hoo!

New Testament Greek Curriculum

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A Place for Everything: A Confirmand’s Service and Sermon Notebook

A Blessed Triduum and Easter from!

I am pleased to announce our latest new addition to A Place for Everything: A Confirmand’s Service and Sermon Notebook. It is available in two forms, one for personal use and one for group use. Each contains pages for 60 services, though the Personal Use License allows for unlimited printing for a single family’s personal use and the Group Printing License is intended for use by congregations and bulk printing. 🙂

Here is the description from the Personal License page:

This notebook has been designed specifically for confirmands, with pages for taking notes during 60 services. With four pages per service intentionally designed for taking notes before, during, and after worship services, this notebook gives families a way to support their confirmands in staying organized and engaged while preparing for their confirmation.

Comic Book Style = Traditional Notes + Sketch/Doodle Notes

The comic book style format of A Place for Everything is intentionally designed to allow for sketchnotes or doodle notes in addition to traditional written notes. This allows confirmands to express themselves creatively–connecting images with phrases–while still staying organized and engaged during services. It also provides an opportunity to notice and discuss the imagery found within the sanctuary, paraments, bulletin, etc. 

Table of Contents

The table of contents section designates one box for every service and includes: the pages numbers for the four notes pages; space to write the date/day of the church year; and space for a parent/guardian to write their initials, indicating that they have seen the completed notes.

Service Notes

Each service note page is tailored to the order of worship found in LCMS congregations, making it easy for confirmands to follow along and take notes. The page starts with areas to record service details (Sunday of the Church Year; Divine Service Setting; Church Lector; and Preacher) and what has been noticed about the day’s paraments. It then moves onto the Entrance Hymn, the Service of the Word (First Reading; Second Reading; Holy Gospel; Hymn of the Day; and Creed). In the midst of that section are areas for noticing symbols, jotting down questions, and recording miscellaneous thoughts. It wraps up with the Service of the Sacrament and the Closing Hymn. 

Sermon Notes

In their sermon notes, confirmands are often expected to record three instances of Law and Gospel, along with information from the introduction and their summary of the sermon. The comic book style format allows for confirmands to categorize their note boxes as being from the Introduction, an example of Law or Gospel, or their own thought. Sections for take aways and a summary allow ample room for reflection and wrap up. 

Other Notes & Reflections

In the event that a front/back is not enough space for one service, an additional notes page immediately follows each sermon note page. This section may also be used to record personal reflections or thoughts shared during a family discussion after the service.

Use this Space to Write…

The final page of each set of notes dedicates space to writing scripture, a part of the catechism, and a prayer (or prayers). For instance, there may be a passage/prayer from the service that could be written in its entirety on this page or this could be a place to record memory work for the week.

Additional Features

A unique feature of A Place for Everything is the service tracker(s), which allow confirmands to keep track of the number of services during which they have taken notes. This feature helps them stay motivated and accountable as they work towards their confirmation goals. FAQs and Examples pages answer questions about printing, usage, etc. Finally, an additional file with a printable binder cover and spine are also included.


With “A Place for Everything: A Confirmand’s Service and Sermon Notebook”, families can equip their confirmation students with a powerful tool to help them grow in their faith and deepen their understanding of the teachings of the church.

Contents (Shown in Gallery Preview Above)

Front Matter

  • FAQs

  • Service Trackers

  • Examples

  • Table of Contents : Date/Day of the Church Year + Parent/Guardian Initials

Service & Sermon Notes – 4 Pages per Service for 60 Services

  • Service Notes

  • Sermon Notes

  • Additional Notes 

  • Write It

A Place for Everything : A Confirmand’s Service and Sermon Notebook : 60 Services : Personal Use License

A Place for Everything : A Confirmand’s Service and Sermon Notebook : 60 Services : Group Printing License

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April & Easter Resources

I’m happy to let you know about more free Lutheran resources. 😀 I’m going to show you three or four new ones and a few older ones for April & Easter times.

By days:


PS. Please do let me know if you know of other Lutheran-friendly resources! Thanks! Mary

St. George (Apr. 23)

St. Mark (Apr. 25)

Holy Week Resources

Redeeming Holy Days


Eastertide Poster – Black and White

Eastertide Poster – Color

Easter Vigil Coloring Book


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Church Year Family Calendar!

Ladies & Gentlemen, blessed Advent and Christmas to you all! I’m happy to report that has welcomed a new vendor: Corrie Pennington! Plus, she already has two products up: a Church Year Family Calendar for 2023 in Rust & Tan and a Church Year Family Calendar for 2023 in black and white. Each are only $4.

RevAndMrsGandy have also uploaded more free saints’ day printables. This time for Miriam the Prophetess (December 17), St. Bibiana (December 2), St. Lucia (December 13), and St. Thomas (December 21). (Sorry I’m late noting these.)

Warm wishes this holiday season!


Church Year Family Calendar 2023 – Rust and Tan

Church Year Family Calendar 2023 – Black and White

Miriam the Prophetess (Dec. 17)

St. Bibiana (Dec. 2)

St. Lucia (Dec. 13)

St. Thomas (Dec. 21)


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Six New Freebies!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m thrilled to tell you that Rev. &. Mrs. Gandy have six new freebies available! All for various holy days! Yay yay yay!

St. Elisabeth of Hungary (Nov. 19)

St. Eligius of Noyon (Dec. 1)

St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (Dec. 6)

St. Ambrose of Milan (Dec. 7)

St. John, Apostle (Dec. 27)

The Holy Innocents (Dec. 28)