Lutheran Teachers & Tutors for 2021-2022


Are you a Lutheran homeschooler looking for Lutheran teachers & tutors for 2021-2022 homeschooling? This is a compiled list specific to Lutheran teachers, Lutheran tutors, and Lutheran classes marketed as homeschool support. This free information is contained as product information with a free downloadable product consisting of names and email addresses.

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Are you a Lutheran homeschooler looking for Lutheran teachers & tutors for 2021-2022 homeschooling? Obviously, there are a TON of Lutheran teachers out there, since Lutheranism has always had a strong tie to education and teacher training. This list is specific to Lutheran teachers, Lutheran tutors, and Lutheran classes marketed as homeschool support. (The downloadable product consists of names and email addresses.)

Can non-Lutherans can be fabulous teachers & tutors for our kids? YES! Absolutely! No doubt! Still, why not offer some free publicity for Lutheran teachers & tutors offering their professional services?

Big thanks to all the Lutheran teachers & tutors out there! God’s blessings on what you are doing! If you know of someone who may be interested in being added, please let us know. Thanks!

Lutheran Teachers & Tutors for 2021-2022


Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, Kelly Schumacher: Art, Drawing, Painting

Kelly is a tremendously talented artist & illustrator. You may have met her at various Lutheran conferences selling her own artwork. She has offered art lessons since 2014, teaching drawing and painting either one-on-one or group lessons. Consider her for your children or for co-ops!

“At Risk” 

Margo Schuch, At Risk

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Philip Schaffer, Latin, Diagramming, History, Logic, Ancient Lit & More

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Edeo Academy, Ellen Norris, English and Writing Tutor

Explore the Edeo Academy website. Ellen tutors, teaches, and offers essay feedback! Her hourly rate is $35 an hour and $20 an hour for essay feedback only.

Her website also offers her blog and newsletter.

Genevieve Biggs, English Tutor

Genevieve is working on a Ph D in Classics. Her masters is in Religion, and she has two BAs, one in Japanese and the other in World Literature.

Although her experience is primarily with high schoolers, she is open to working with middle school/ junior high ages. She is also happy to help students with learning and/or social disabilities.

She charges $25 per hour per student (which is pretty standard).

Lisa Stapp, Literature & Composition

Lisa Stapp is an LCMS deaconess with a lifelong love of reading and writing.

Margo Schuch, English

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

Philip Schaffer, Grammar & Sentence Diagramming

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Joanne Kohler

Joanne Kohler retired after teaching German for 26 years. She has experience in the classroom, face-to-face, asynchronous online, and blended/hybrid.


Jessica Wood

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Margo Schuch

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

Philip Schaffer

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

Jessica Wood

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Jessica Wood

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

Philip Schaffer

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Philip Schaffer, Algebra & Geometry

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

Valerie Reh, Elementary through Algebra I

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

I cross post some of these folks so that their subjects are clearly visible.

Jessica Wood: Greek, Latin, Spanish, World History

Salve! My name is Jessica Wood, and I’ve just graduated from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in Latin and minors in Greek and Spanish. While at college, I was the president of the Eta Sigma Phi, the Classical Studies Honorary, and I won the Sienkewicz Latin Declamation Contest at the Eta Sigma Phi national convention during my senior year. In the fall, I’ll be pursuing my M.A.T. in Latin and Classical Humanities at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Currently, I’m tutoring three students in Latin, and I’m looking to add a few more over the summer. In addition to Latin, Greek, and Spanish, I can help with literature and world history, particularly Classical History.

Margo Schuch, “At Risk,” English, Social Studies, and World History

Margo Schuch (pronounced Shook) is a Lutheran high school teacher. Her current position is as a World History and “At Risk” teacher. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in both undergraduate and graduate programs from University of Detroit Mercy and has been teaching for 30 years!

Philip Schaffer, Classical Tutor

Philip Schaffer has taught in classical schools for eight years. He has experience teaching Latin, grammar and sentence diagramming, History, Geometry, Logic and Ancient Literature.

Valerie Reh, General Tutor

Valerie Reh (pronounced “Ray”), a long-time Lutheran homeschool parent, offers tutoring for the following:

  • Economics: Basic and Applied
  • History: U.S. and World
  • Math: Elementary-Algebra I
  • Reading: Phonics and Comprehension

Janet Nicol, Piano and Music Theory

Janet Nicol is a mother of 4, grandma of 3, farm wife, music teacher, choir director, and LCMS deaconess from Chuckery, Ohio. She teaches piano and music theory.

Dave Pickett, Percussion


Christa Petzold: online theology for high schoolers

Three options start this fall:

  • The first: “The History and Theology of the Lutheran Confessions,” a full year course with lectures, real-time discussion, assignments and grading
  • The second: “The History and Theology of the Lutheran Confessions” in  an asynchronous option for readings and video lectures only.
  • The third: a discussion-based class on Male and Female: Embracing Your Role in God’s Design. This class functions as a Bible study topics surrounding manhood and womanhood, such as marriage, family, divorce, cohabitation, women’s ordination, homosexuality, abuse, etc. This discussion group will meet for an hour once a week for nine weeks in the fall.
Email to ask for the syllabi and registration information, including cost. Registration is due at the end of July.

Janet Nicol, Catechism & Religion

Janet Nicol is a mother of 4, grandma of 3, farm wife, music teacher, choir director, and LCMS deaconess from Chuckery, Ohio. She teaches piano and music theory.

Patty Kristofic, Theology

Pattry Kristofic is an experienced LCMS deaconess in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Social Studies

Margo Schuch

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)


Jessica Wood

(Also found under Multi-Subjects)

Lutheran School Classes, a la Carte

This summer (2021)

2021 Art Camp in a Box

Pure Joy Creative is pleased to offer Art Camp in a Box

This years theme is The 7 Elements of Art. Get ready to learn more about line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture in a fun and hands on way. We will cover each element and do fun projects to reinforce that theme.

How it works:

I will send you a box of supplies needed to complete this year’s art camp projects. There will also be a list of basic materials like scissors and glue emailed to you to gather before camp begins. Each lesson will include a video, and there will be a facebook group where you can share projects and ask questions. The videos will remain available through the end of 2021, so you will have plenty of time to complete the camp!

Boxes will ship at the end of June and videos will be on YouTube by the middle of July. The cost for Art Camp in a Box is $60 (shipping is included).

This year I am offering two boxes, based on grade level:

  • Level 1 – Grades K-4
  • Level 2 – Grades 5 and up

If you have any questions about the grade levels, feel free to ask! For families with multiple children, you will need a box for each child but I can provide additional information if needed to help you decide which boxes to order!

Strength Training Class for Young Men at Wittenberg Academy

A sharp mind, a virtuous character, and a strong body: this is what it took to be a Citizen of Rome, or Athens, or Sparta. And these are still the goals every young man should strive for in our Republic.

[T]his Trinity Term for Citizenship, Fitness, and Strength Training, read stories of adventure and daring from history, learn about the armies and battles of the ancient world, ponder philosophy, and plot our own goals for fitness and strength. And then we will achieve them.

For young men at least 14 years of age

Wittenberg Academy

You may know Wittenberg Academy because it has pieced together an entirely free Lutheran & classical option for Kindergarten through Sixth grade here.

Wittenberg Academy also offers professional online classes for Junior High and High School enrollment, either as part of the diploma program or a la cart. Classes consist of pre-recorded/asynchronous lections, assignments/quizzes/tests, discussions held on online forums, and a weekly one-hour “live” class.

“Brick and Mortar” schools with online options:

Lutheran Schools with Dual Enrollment (High School/College)


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