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Supplemental Religious Material for Latin!

Photo by George Sharvashidze from Pexels

We have two new products up that are actually the same: Supplemental Religious Material for Latin. What do I mean? One is a less expensive family version with a slightly more expensive co-op or classroom version. Make sense?

From here on out, co-op / classroom versions will come with 365 days of access to the link. Family versions will have ongoing access. Plus, I think with both of these options, the vendor can update the product, you gain access to the new product and can download it again, within the time allotted.

Yay for learning more about how to do this stuff!

Today’s new products, Supplemental Religious Material for Latin – Co-op or Classroom Use and Supplemental Religious Material for Latin – Family Use, are perfect for any Lutheran family introducing, or pursuing, Latin study! There’s basic (non-grammar) memory work, phrases, advice, etc.

Odds are, if you are even mildly curious about Lutheran texts in Latin, you’ll want this as a great starting place and resource for your whole family or school!

There are good Latin curriculum choices out there. At the same time, they don’t necessarily include Latin from specifically Lutheran traditions and sources. Hence, I’ve started to compile a) places to start so that Latin-learners can broach translation work with some familiar Lutheran texts, b) supplemental religious memory work to introduce familiar Lutheran phrases and texts to our Latin students, and c) a little advice along the way.

This document does not include grammar charts or explanations. It doesn’t even necessarily translate. It is, however, still very user friendly, even to those without much experience in Latin, and it does feature the following:

  1. Suggested Resources
  2. Supplemental Religious Memory Work
  3. Little Word Vocabulary Help
  4. Latin text of the Creeds
  5. Three of the most common Latin hymn texts
  6. “A Mighty Fortress” translated into Latin
  7. The O Antiphons in Latin
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