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The Power of Yet

A few years ago I heard the trick that you can add “yet” to the end of otherwise discouraging thoughts & “yet” helps you to regain that courage. “I can’t do it . . . yet” can be a mental breakthrough for any age! Anyway, it’s come to my attention that there is now a Lutheran education consultant, whose company is The Power of Yet Consulting.

I know. This is another sharing resource rather than sharing a new product post. Bear with me.

Services include consultation, strategizing, customized lesson plans, training for parents to teach math, hourly tutoring, Irlen Screening, reading strategies, homeschool curriculum review, state standard curriculum comparison, and long-term tutoring. Great!

The power of yet, as a concept, has been very helpful to me as a homeschooling mom. I imagine The Power of Yet, the consulting company, can also be very helpful, especially if you know of folks who are making the transition to homeschooling. 🙂 And it’s by a Lutheran! Yay!

I’ll add it to my list of Lutheran Recommendations since it doesn’t qualify as a free Lutheran resource, which would go here.

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