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Arch Book Reading Plan: Year B

Arch Book Reading Plan: Year B” is now available for $2.50!

Our latest release is a PDF list of Arch book titles that correspond to the Sunday lectionary readings of the church year. There are two common schedules of reading: the One Year, sometimes called the Historic Lectionary, and the Three Year, typically labeled Year A, B, and C. is pleased to offer both a list of Arch book titles to correspond to Year A and, newly released, Year B. Yay!

Reinforce the readings of the church year with Arch books!  This plan
lists an Arch book for every Sunday of the church year and also includes
options for reading 1 or 2 books per month to match the readings of
Year B of the 3-year lectionary with variations for the LCMS and WELS.

Thanks to our vendor, Cloud Moon, for creating both versions of the Arch book reading plan and offering them to the rest of us!

We have also had a FREE Jesse Tree Arch Book list donated to us here.

For similar pairings, you can see a CPH blog post here, “Pairing Arch Books and Lectionary Readings,” and there’s even a KFUO interview between Elizabeth Pittman and Andy Bates about this great concept.

Also worth noting, The Brothers of John the Steadfast published “Arch Books to Lectionary Table (Historic 1-Year Lectionary)” to cultivate the practice and have a response to the CPH blog post here.

As far as I know, CPH Is still publishing new Arch books, as they have since 1965. Written for children aged 5 to 9, each 16-page book explores Scripture with rhyming text and illustrations.

May the blessings of Christ be yours now and always!



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