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Five New Resources!

I get to announce FIVE new resources on!!! Three freebie and two available for purchase!

The freebies

In “The Psalter and the Lord’s Prayer,” Dr. John Pless pairs psalms with each petition of the Lord’s Prayer. AWESOME!

Psalter and the Lord’s Prayer

Next, Jennifer Whalen, aka “The Faithful Homeschool,” has put together a Scope & Sequence for the Bible! Yep. You read that correction: a K-12 scope and sequence incorporating basic Bible knowledge, catechism, memory work, Church history, etc.! And she is offering it free of charge!

Scope & Sequence: Bible

Last but not least of these freebies, RevAndMrsGrandy has another craft project: Jonah’s Great Fish! To commemorate Jonah (Sept. 22), you can make a giant (10 x 20 foot) fish made of black plastic sheeting that children can actually go inside! Woah!!!

Jonah’s Great Fish

Downloadable Lutheran Copybooks!

I am also super excited to announce that Jennifer Whalen has also put together, for only $5 each, Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1, available in print and cursive. Excellent!

Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – print

Lutheran Children’s Copybook & Reader, Volume 1 – cursive

Volume 1 of the Lutheran Children’s Reader & Copybook series includes the following:

  • Psalm 23
  • The Ten Commandments (with Lutheran numbering)
  • God is the Maker of the World – a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am especially thrilled that these are pdfs that can be downloaded and printed to my heart’s content! Yay!!!

And, yes, you can download a sample before purchase. Woo hoo!


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