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Reformation Coloring Activity

Pleasantly Crafted is offering a free Reformation Coloring activity! There are six Reformation era figures you can color, cut up, and stand up, as well as a Wittenberg door! So clever!

Go here to download it. (If you navigate her site, it’s under “Stories” rather than downloads, since she’s giving it away for free.”)

Samantha Bender is a Lutheran with training in Lutheran Elementary Education, though clearly she is a wonderfully talented artist also. She does beautiful work!

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More St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Resources

Rev. and Mrs. Gandy have added three more free Lutheran homeschool resources:

St. Michael Prayer (Lutheran Version) by PleasantlyCrafted

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Lesson Plans (Advent to Ash Wednesday)

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Schedule (Advent to Ash Wednesday)

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Three compiled resources

I had a pretty productive day today and started three compiled resources:

Compiled Bible Reading Plans

Compiled List of Daily Luther

Life Skills, Home Economics & Finance List

I would like to remind you that, when you purchase something, even a freebie, your downloads continue to be accessible to you whenever you sign into your account. No need to rebuy something, when there’s an update. I sure think your files should automatically update. Maybe not, but I think so. 🙂

A blessed Sunday and Labor Day weekend to you!



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Two New Things

I’ve just added a little something of a free handwriting review, since my kids seemed to need it after this summer. 🙂 Also . . .

Brief Handwriting Review


Daily Bible Readings for Three Years

Makes me think maybe I should make a compiled resource for Bible reading plans, though many of us follow curriculum or a plan already.

Let me know if there is more you’d like to see available on!

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Three new freebies

I have never met Mrs. Gandy (only exchanged emails & texts), but I am already very impressed with how productive she is and how much she prepares to raise her children in the faith! She has prepared three new freebies:

As you can guess, in reverse order, there is a template you print with one of Augustine’s prayers. Then you can color, if you’d like, and fold it in three around a candle (loosely around the candle, obviously!). 🙂 The Ten Commandments are arranged classically, with two tables, Roman numerals, and with traditional Lutheran numbering. Then the Roman Wax Tabula is a craft to commemorate St. Zechariah on September 5th. Yep! That means writing, “His name is John.” I love it!

Mrs. Gandy’s commemoration resources are great, so feel free to see them all at her store page. Let’s see . . . 15 resources thus far and all of them free & typically revolving around the church year!

By the way, I got some great feedback this past week, including more Lutheran resources to point people to and a request for more compiled resources! Yay! So please accept this as a friendly reminder that relies heavily on Lutherans at large to know what is out there and what needs to be developed.

Thank you!


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Four more Lutheran crafts is pleased to offer four more FREE Lutheran crafts!

  1. A Liturgicraft Printable – Time of the Church Kaleidocycle (AMAZING)
  2. A very nice Magnificat Coloring Page pairing free artwork with TLH text (and remember that August 15th commemorates Mary, the Mother of our Lord),
  3. A very nice Benedictus Coloring Page (similar to the Magnificat for September 6th), and
  4. A Rosary Poster for beading prayer beads (Yes, some Lutherans pray with a Rosary or prayer beads and kids often love to bead. Luther continued to pray the “Hail Mary” in this way: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” )