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Summer Reading Challenge

Every summer you can find a summer reading challenge, at a library, CPH, etc., but now there’s an extra special one for those looking to dig deeply into American history!

Marta Naumann put together a Bookopoly Summer Challenge and offered to share! She created an American History board game based on the classic -opoly game, but instead of real estate you read your way through all sorts of American history topics on an individual board and compare points at the end of summer.

Basically, each roll of the dice leads you to a topic. The player finds, reads, and shares about a topically-related book before taking another turn. Each spot is worth different amounts. Each player records titles and points on the back of the printed PDF and everyone compares scores at the end of summer.

I think it looks great! All sorts of great topics, including presidents, pioneers, explorers, early American science, Native Americans of various regions, etc. Granted, this is a PDF so you likely need a library to play the game well. 🙂

(And go ahead and log those titles at CPH Reads, too! It isn’t against the rules!)

Here’s a link to the free resource. “Buy” it for free and it’s all yours to download as often as you’d like.

May this summer reading challenge be a blessing to you & yours!

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