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Webinar on Healing Racial Divides

I typically use this blog to announce new releases, but this time I’m sharing a time-sensitive opportunity. Since most of the freebies I link to throughout the site are long-term freebies, I thought I’d ago ahead and announce this short-term opportunity: a free Lutheran webinar on healing racial divides.

Rev. B. Keith Haney is a Lutheran author, who works with the Iowa District West (LCMS). Through CPH, he is offering something like 10 opportunities to join a free webinar. It’s based around his book, One National Under God: Healing Racial Divides in America.

Rev. Haney blogs at The Light Breaks Through. He also offers professional services to congregations, including diversity training, various workshops, and congregational assessment tools. His Facebook page is here.

A non-free item still worth mentioning is the report, Racism and the Church. It’s produced by the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. It discusses racial issues, including “a definition of racism, the necessity of a Christian response to it, a biblical perspective on racism, barriers to overcoming it and guiding principles.”

In other news, I know of at least five products which will hopefully hit soon. 🙂

Let me know if there is something you’d like to contribute yourself. Whether it’s a recommendation, request, or piece of curriculum you’ve developed yourself, I’m interested in hearing all about it! (This summer will be a great time to develop and share resources for next fall!)

2 thoughts on “Webinar on Healing Racial Divides

  1. Good Afternoon!
    I’ve been thinking of putting together more formal composer and artist studies/units and would be willing to share if there is an interest. I have also put together a few nature study units that are more cross curricular and geared toward the younger grades (incorporates poetry, literature, music, scripture, artist, etc.).

    I would love to eventually work on a hymn and liturgy study for multiple age levels!

    1. Sounds great to me! Just let me know how I can help! 🙂

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