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Hymns for the Church Year

Our latest resource on is “Hymns for the Church Year.”  Using the Lutheran Service BookI selected three (or four) hymns per week of the church year to correspond with each week’s lectionary readings. That way, if you want to have a “hymn of the week” at home, you can have one organized around congregational practices through this easy, thorough, approach.

After three years, you and your family can know 156 hymns! You can start any time.

I followed the one-year Historic Lectionary readings & Sunday numbering, but this should work for the three-year also. The two big differences to be aware of are 1) different times to celebrate Transfiguration, and 2) the one-year lists Sundays after Trinity while the three-year lists Sundays after Pentecost. My columns didn’t allow listing both, but you can mark in a few for ease of practice.

I am charging $5 for it. I put a lot of work into it so there are no duplications! 

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