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Seasonal Releases

We are approaching Lent & the days of curriculum sales! Happily, we have some new releases to help you with those.

Rev. and Mrs. Gandy continue to assist liturgical living by the Church Year with a Gesimatide & Lent poster, plus the next installments for their St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Schedule (Lent & Eastertide) and Lesson Plans (Lent & Eastertide). Yay!

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded some Homeschool Planning Notes. Really, they’re templates and worksheets you can use to keep track of things, including curriculum sales, curriculum you have, curriculum you plan to use, and school supplies. I’ve also revisited my Lent & Lenten Resource compilation. 🙂

As always, feedback and ideas are welcome!

Gesimatide & Lent Poster

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Schedule (Lent & Eastertide)

St. Martin of Tours Homeschool Co-op Lesson Plans (Lent & Eastertide)

Homeschool Planning Notes

Lent & Lenten Resources

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