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Name Game Bible Review

What if your family could review Bible names, events, and religious concepts in a low-stress, no-mess game? That’s the aim of this Name Game Bible Review.

This 20-page PDF contains lots religious names, events, concepts and more for only $5.

The Name Game Bible Review is designed to use one sheet at a time. Basically, each child selects a name, event, or other choice, and then gives hints, uses gestures, etc., in an effort to get others to guess the correct answer.

After the sheets become well known, you can cut the sheets up for a) flash card review, b) alphabetizing practice, or c) putting the biblical content into chronological order. (Yes, a guide for chronological order is included!) Having said that, if you plan to make flash cards, then you should print the file one-sided onto thicker paper.

Learn more from the description page. 🙂

Name Game Bible Review

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